‘C’ Connection

2020: A Year of Clarity and Sharpness


A Column by Tim Markham, Weifield COO

When most people hear 2020, they first think of 20/20 vision, which refers to someone’s visual acuity — the clarity or sharpness of their vision. Now that we’re in the year 2020, we want to have clarity and sharpness at Weifield. Our vision, alignment and execution will provide that clarity and sharpness.

Our vision is the future state we are trying to achieve. For everyone to understand our vision it’s critical we have alignment, meaning there is no misunderstanding around what is getting done, how it is getting done, and who is going to do it. Finally, to deliver the vision, you  need to successfully execute. Execution is all about creating the environment to turn the vision into reality, it’s having the right people, doing the right things, and doing them the right way.

Early in 2019, Weifield made the decision to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System Model (EOS – www.eosworldwide.com).  EOS is a business operating model that has been implemented by more than 7,000 companies and is based on a set of six components and tools that help businesses clarify, simplify, align and execute more effectively. The six components include Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and Traction.

Vision: Weifield’s vision defines three things: 1) Who we are (our PACT), 2) Where we are going (our strategic goals recently shared by Seth), and 3) How we will get there (alignment and execution within the EOS model).

The rest of the EOS components (People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction) are how we align and execute in 2020.

People: At Weifield, People is the first company value. One of the reasons Weifield started 18 years ago was to create a company that  would make the next generation better, to develop people and provide opportunities for them to grow and advance. In 2020, we have three Q1 goals focused on people:

1) Learning and Development: Launching Weifield University (WU) to develop and grow our field and non-field people.

2) PACT: We will ensure everyone lives and perpetuates the Weifield PACT and Weifield Way.

3) Right People/Right Seats: We will fill key roles in the field and office, promoting internally and bringing values-aligned people in from the outside.

We have also rolled out a new accountability chart that clarifies the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the organization – and will be refining it over time. We will also implement better feedback methods via quarterly checkpoints between employees and supervisors – and improve our information and communications through a new Weifield Information Portal (Intranet) and Human Resources  Management System (HRMS), in 2020.

Data: As part of the EOS model, we need to define specific metrics that we will regularly use to ensure we are on course. Another of our company goals is around developing departmental scorecards and measurables (individual key performance indicators) that support company goals and clarify expectations.

Issues: If we have done a good job making the vision, people and data components strong, at all levels of the company, we will learn to quickly identify, discuss, and solve any issues we encounter.

Process: This component is all about creating consistent and efficient processes, and making sure everyone follows them. We have several goals around process, including:

1) Departments are tasked with identifying, documenting and sharing their most critical processes;

2) We will establish Weifield’s integrated information systems to create transparency and make improved decisions;

3) We will put better  processes in place to capture client feedback and turn clients into raving fans of Weifield.

Traction: This is where discipline and accountability take place and help us execute our vision. The two main components here are effective meetings, and continual development of ‘stones’ (or quarterly goals) – these are company, departmental, and individual stones.

As we move forward into 2020, you’ll be seeing and hearing more about all of these initiatives and how EOS is helping us align and execute to reach our vision. However, if you have any questions please let me know.

I’m looking forward to supporting all of you in 2020; here’s to a great year!

Be Great. Be Kind.