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2020 Denver Post Top Workplaces: 20 More Surveys Needed to Mail by 12/8/19!


Hello, Weifield team!

We’re currently at a 31% response rate (143 surveys completed) — and we need a 35% response rate (20 MORE SURVEYS MAILED IN BY 12/8/19) in order to be eligible for the Denver Post Top Workplaces program for 2020!

WILL YOU HELP? The office survey period has closed, but each job site received paper surveys for their crew members in mid-October (delivered to each Field Supervisor). We need those completed and dropped in the postage-paid envelope and then any mailbox — no later than December 8, 2019! (They must be received at the Energage Chicago office no later than December 15th).

Please mail your survey in, asap, and help Weifield become a Denver Post Top Workplaces for the 9th consecutive year! 

[Additional Information]

Survey Company: The survey is being conducted by Energage, an independent research company.  To protect your confidentiality, Energage will not disclose your individual responses to Weifield Group Contracting. Furthermore, your department or group scores will only be disclosed if there are at least 5 survey takers in your group.  However, please note that managers at Weifield Group Contracting may see the optional written comments on the final page of the survey.  If you wish to make a comment please do not write anything that will identify you as an individual.

Weifield Department Codes: The following are the department codes for Weifield that you will be asked to designate the department you work in, on your survey:

101: Business Development/Sales
102: Corporate Services
108: Estimating
109: Industrial, Infrastructure & Water / Waste Water Division
110: Operations
111: Service Division
112: Special Projects Division

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Energage directly at (800) 749-0187 or reply to your survey email. [If you have any questions about the general process, please contact Jill Farrand at 303.407.6634 or]

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!