Company Goals




The following are Weifield’s 2021 company goals and Q3-2021 company rocks.  Also, attached (below) is the 2021 Weifield Blueprint for you to review.

2021 Company Goals

  • People:  Develop our people – Launch additional classes within Weifield University to improve the skills and knowledge of our employees.
  • Advance Process:  Create Efficiencies & Transparency – Implement our new ERP (SageIntaact), Salesforce, and WorkforceGo to create integrations and provide better data….as single version of the truth.
  • Advance Process:  Followed By All (FBA) – Train, measure, and ensure everyone is following our core processes…The Weifield Way, for consistency and improved results.
  • Community:  Give Back – Provide opportunities for our team to participate in our community to make meaningful differences where we live, work and play.
  • Trusting Relationships:  Strengthen Client Relationships – Provide opportunities for everyone to get connected to our clients to build stronger, trusting relationships.
  • Growth:  New Office – Acquire and integrate a new company based in Nashville, TN

Q3 Rocks – In addition to winning new work for the remainder of 2021 and beyond, rolling out more training and simplifying our processes, here are our Rocks for Q3:

    1. People: Recruiting – Fill key roles including:
      • Get Work – Chief Estimator (Denver), PCMs (Denver, Colorado Springs, Austin)
      • Perform Work – Service Mgr (Austin), General Superintendent (Austin)
    2. People: Engagement Survey – Publish results and establish a Task Force to tackle the opportunities
    3. Process:  Continue implementing core IT systems (Sage Intacct, Salesforce, Service Titan and WorkforceGo)
    4. Trusting Relationships: Have 5 personalized and targeted client events in each region
    5. Growth: Integrate Weifield Support Services into the new Nashville company