Hello All!

After an oddball year, have the Sum­mer Olympics motivated you?? Let the Weifield games begin! The 2nd Weifield Summer Olympics will be held from July 23rd – August 6th, 2021; every job site and department will be provided an opportunity to participate in both individual and team events for a chance to win the gold! You are eligible to participate in any of the following events – and your de­partment head/field supervisor will be asked send in your job site or depart­ment’s top three scores, per event, to Cathy Tarter ( Activities include:

>  Best Stretch & Flex Video or Photo
>  Post-It Sticker Contest
>  Push-It-Up (Push Up) Contest
>  Beverage Chug
>  Coin Grab Competition
>  The Plank
>  Staring Contest
>  Hardhat Throw
>  Olympic Trivia
>  Olympic Story
>  Marshmallow Pickup
>  ‘Finger’ Skating
>  Cup Stacking
>  Sugar & Sticks

Results will be announced by mid-August. Field Supervisors & Depart­ment Heads – you will be receiving your supplies and instructions the week before the games begin. (Please send an email to Cathy Tarter – ctarter@wei­ – and let us know if you do not receive the supplies for your job site or department in that timeframe.)

Gold winners for each category will receive a $50 gift card, Silver will receive a $25 gift card and Bronze will receive a $15 gift card.  6950/7000 office personnel can pick up their supplies from Lisa Hasler at the front desk.  Supplies for office personnel will also be delivered to the Windsor, Cheyenne and Texas offices.

We will send out the results by mid-August.

Texas – Supplies will be shipped to Texas and delivered to each jobsite.  Office personnel can pick up their supplies at the office.

Also, please send in photos or videos of your teams doing the activities, during the two weeks, so we can share them internally and externally.

Watch for the “Opening Ceremonies” email on the first day of the games – on July 23rd! We look forward to seeing who wins it all!


Following are links to the Challenge videos that were provided by our participants!

Binney Boys Stretch & Flex
Oscar Quinones Pushups (Binney)
Precon (Barry – Sticky Note Pads)
Precon (Barry – Individual Sticky Notes)
Precon (Marshmallow & Chopsticks)
Precon (Cup Stacking)
Precon (Soda Chug)
Precon (Coin Stacking)
Precon (Pushups)
Precon (Hard Hat Throw)