Company Goals




Q2-2022 Rocks

Our new Q2-2022 Company Rocks include:

  1. People: Provide 2,500 hours of training
  2. People: Hire 100 (net) field positions
  3. Advance Process: Develop production tracking module (Intacct)
  4. Community (internal to our company): Roll out HoneyBee to our employees
  5. Community: Hold bike building event in all markets
  6. Trusting Relationships: Complete client surveys (50%/100%) for all CTC meetings
  7. Harmonization: Harmonize the business by providing focused training and coaching based on the WWCP (Weifield Way Construction Process) project phase

2022 Company Goals

Weifield’s 2022 company goals are:

  1. Develop Our People: 10K hours of classroom training, voluntary attrition (Field Leaders/PMs), 252 new field hires, time to fill open positions. [People]
  2. Create Efficiencies and Transparency: Enhance our key systems including Intacct, WFG!, Salesforce and SharePoint. [Advance Process]
  3. Provide Opportunities to Participate in our Community: Focused events across all regions, regional quarterly events w/LT and Sr. leaders. [Community]
  4. Strengthen Client Relationships: Customized events w/clients, launch and communicate our vertical specialization, focus on negotiated work. [Trusting Relationships]
  5. Harmonize the Business Across All Regions: RM – Consolidate and simplify forms, accessible and on SharePoint, TN & TX – Fully integrated systems and processes, all new projects following Weifield Way. [Core Focus]