‘C’ Connection




2021 has been a tough year as we continued to face uncertainties related to the pandemic and the economy. However, although we may be experiencing a brief lull right now, our project work is starting to accelerate and our activity is going to gain fast momentum in the coming months.

Therefore, we should be prepared to ‘fire on all cylinders’ with less uncertainty and more clarity around our work and how we move forward out of the current circumstances. Some of our older projects that were shelved are coming back around, so we should prepare to be busy heading into 2022.

So what specifically can we expect as we head into the new year?

– In 2022, we will look to continue our focus on the training side of things – with a lot of new trainings coming out at the end of the year and into the new year.

– We have also received feedback with respect to potential betterments across the company (thanks to our Betterment teams for your suggestions and input). Please make sure that if you have any ideas going forward, you share them with your management — as we are all responsible for continually improving the company.

– This year, we’ve also focused on promoting a lot of people internally – and we have plans to do more of this, next year, in alignment with our PACT.

– Moving into next year, it is going to be critical that we focus on looking ahead more due to challenges associated with material procurement issues with respect to light fixtures, switchgear, etc. Looking ahead and planning ahead more than ever will be our #1 priority.

– Additionally, we will need to look ahead at prefabrication opportunities due to labor being tight as work continues to ramp up. Anything we can do to prefabricate our assemblies ahead of time instead of building them in the field helps to pull that labor from the field and put it back into our shop/a more controlled environment, will help make this transition a little easier for all.

I’d like to take this opportunity to also include the definition of the Weifield PACT in this column – to educate our new team members and as a re-
fresher to our existing team:

People: Demonstrating fiscal responsibility, physical well-being, and integrity, every day, and empowering each other to be the best we can be through genuine caring and opportunities for teaching, learning, and celebrating together.

Advance Process: Developing, communicating and improving our processes to achieve quality, training, and consistency, sharpen our focus, and lay the groundwork for continuous improvement.

Community: Giving our time and financial resources to worthy causes in order to make a meaningful difference in the places we live, work, and play.

Trusting Relationships: Building our business through trusting relationships and caring concern for the well-being of our clients, vendors, and all other stakeholders.

Weifield’s PACT values are our guiding compass for all that we do in our operations and in our organization. Each one of these values is important but People is our #1 value. We as a company have to ensure we are following these values in all that we do for our team – but the PACT also trickles down to each individual employee as well…to ensure our people carry the light of the torch into their everyday activities, as well.

In all of it, we are a team – and if we all focus on our priorities and making the company better, we can shoulder the burden of the tough times and ALSO share in the victories of our triumphs, together. I look forward to sharing many great victories with all of you in 2022!

Until next time.