Human Resources

401k Enrollment


2019 is a great time to start saving for your future! Weifield offers a 401K you can enroll in after 60 days and a robust company match of up to 4% after one year of employment. If you are interested, complete the Ameritas enrollment or if you have questions, call Greg Harris, Financial Advisor at (303) 714-5846 or

Directions to enroll, please go to

Step 1: Register Online

  • Log on to

» In the upper right corner, choose “Account Access,” then

» Select “Retirement Plans,” followed by

» “Plan Participant Login,” to access your account.

  • Choose “Register Now”

» Read through User Agreement and Accept/Decline

  • Complete your Registration:

» When asked for your Contract/Certificate/Plan Number: Your plan number is 637551 for the 401k Plan and 637561 for the prevailing wage pension plan.

  • Click “Submit” to complete your registration and arrive at Account Login.
  • Enter your new User ID and Password to reach the Service Central page.
  • Click on the Contract Number to access and manage your account.


Enrollment is easy!