On January 23rd, Weifield, in cooperation with Xcel Energy, executed a shutdown of the existing Monarch Casino Black Hawk — in order to bring the entire casino property onto a new primary power grid (fed from a single Xcel Energy metering point)!

This milestone allows the casino to purchase power from Xcel at primary power rates — a much cheaper rate, as Xcel doesn’t furnish the transformers. It also allows Monarch to construct transformer vaults/rooms to National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, as it is no longer required to meet Xcel standards.

In order to make this transition, at 2:00 AM on January 23rd, the team executed the shutdown and removed the 25kV Xcel primary feeder to the existing building. The team then engaged in completing their tasks at the original transformer – which included:

– Landing new 25kV cables that had been pulled and had terminations previously installed

– Closing switches — energizing both sides of the loop running through the primary compartments of the two new 2,500kVA transformers for the new high rise building

– Verifying phase rotation on the primary conductors of the existing casino transformer

The team then closed the switches internal to the transformer — bringing permanent power back on to the existing casino at 4:45 AM. Kudos to our team for seamlessly executing this transition and helping Monarch achieve this important milestone!