‘C’ Connection




When you read the title of this article, you may have thought, ‘What did we do?’

So…what did we do? To that question, I say, ‘Well, we did 5 + 5 = 10.’ You may be thinking, ‘Huh??’…so, allow me to explain.

Ever since we started Weifield back in 2002, I knew we had what it takes to be the top electrical contractor. Now back in 2002, we were missing a lot…we had no relationships, no office, no warehouse, a few tools, no banking line of credit, no bonding, and the list goes on and on. We knew each and every year we had to take what we did the year before and make it that much better. If we landed one job with a GC, the next year we wanted two. If we did a million-dollar job, the next year we wanted a two-million-dollar job. And so on and so on.

This was all in line with a vision set when we first started. However, vision without the basics of why and what, doesn’t usually really turn out very great.

So when we sat down to figure out why we all got into business, it was to make the next generation better. We all had to work our butts off along the way and we made a ton of mistakes. But we wanted to put things into place so people didn’t have to go through the same steps and mistakes that we went through. We wanted to create a platform where everyday people had opportunities they wouldn’t normally have. This created our why.

Next, we had to figure out the what. We asked ourselves…what could we do better than any other company we have worked with? This is where we came up with the best-in class electrical solutions.

We saw the industry sacrificing quality with respect to how they did things and we knew we could focus and had the drive to make things better.

I remember the first hospital we sent in a proposal on; we thought it was great until the GC sat down with us and showed us how far behind the curve we were. It wasn’t long after when we became a company that general contractors chased when generating proposals.

You might be thinking, ‘what does all of this have to do with that simple math in the beginning — 5 + 5 = 10?’

Very simply, this equation is the driving force that propels our company to greater things in the next 10 years and helps give our core focus direction.

5 + 5 = 10 is this…

We want to be in 5 regions and we want to be one of the top 5 electricals in those regions, within 10 years.

This equation was put together in 2020, so as we are now in the year 2030, that is what we did.

Don’t get me wrong — it wasn’t an easy road, by any means, to get here. It wasn’t smooth but it was something our team did together.

Nobody that we knew or had heard of had done what we did, so we had to learn all new things. Each year, we established new goals and ROCKs to continue down the road and back in 2021, it was no different. So, CONGRATULATIONS for achieving our vision!

[Jumping back to the present moment for a second] — in the next newsletter, Tim will be jumping into the detail of what we need to work on this year….remember, you are all important! Until next time!