‘C’ Connection




It is amazing that we are already here in March of the new year – as first quarter winds down for 2022, I hope everyone is well and all family members are safe and sound. In the first quarter, we launched several new systems which will help us harmonize our processes and act as a cohesive team moving forward. I know there have been some hurdles in recent weeks; the systems launch was a huge effort and I want to congratulate everyone for working through this huge lift as an organization to make a positive impact.

When we talk about Advancing Processes and as we add new GCs and clients to our verticals, VDC has been a big ‘ask’ on many of our key projects. We are also seeing an uptick of percentages of prefabrication deliverables that are getting produced through our Prefab team. While we are executing these increases, we are still challenged with finding labor within a tough labor market.

We are grateful to our Preconstruction team that has provided productivity consistency for these jobs – we are either hitting or exceeding our production goals. Thank you to everyone involved in these efforts.

I want to take a moment to give a shout-out to the Verizon Data Center project team (Aurora, CO) which is a job we’re doing with Holder Construction – if you haven’t seen the photos, we’ve included one, below. Prefab truly executed on this job and it is remarkable what the team has been able to deliver for that client.

Knowing we were going to have a huge commissioning piece of the project related to client requirements, our team executed a lot of pre-task planning and field deliverables to get ahead of the schedule.

I would also like to commend Taylor Huskey and our Training department for leading our Bluebeam training, which we worked on over the last six months. Kudos to all who went to that training class; please cascade that message to the people on your job that they need to get into the Bluebeam training classes at any of our regions. I have heard nothing but a great response from the guys in the field – they truly learned a lot and appreciated the patience of our instructors in teaching that class – if one guy was struggling, everyone helped him get on the same page. With this class, we are training the next generation with respect to Advancing Processes for Bluebeam.

As we live in a new norm with an increased virtual reality filled with Teams meetings and people being able to get training on Teams even though they are not physically in the room, we are all learning
how to use this new technology with respect to how to execute. You can do training in the comfort of your own job site or your own home. We have that option now – so we’re beefing up our virtual training capacities, as this is technology that’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

As this year progresses, we are looking forward to leveraging more functionality from Workforce Go! (HRIS), Sage Intacct (Accounting Software) and our new SharePoint intranet called
WeiShare – which will allow us to roll out new modules for dashboards and achieve better accuracy on tracking the information we need that’s important. We will no longer have any lagging data because everything will be synchronized and reporting in real time.

We are also excited about getting new experienced key team members onboard and learning what they can offer for us to be a better organization – between staff like Jack Cain in Safety and Colby Foos in Colorado Springs, etc., these individuals can help us build upon our past 20 years to continue prioritizing our people to do great things. We are bringing new systems and hires on board because every year, we must keep striving to be better and reach our goals.

We’re also having one of our best backlog years, ever – and we know that we’re going to be adding 200 employees in the future. These new team members will have a mix of different skillsets, as well as seasoned leadership, and will become part of the Weifield family. We need to embrace the new labor force that we’re going to be integrating into our organization as they will help connect the ‘Why’ behind utilizing our advanced processes and technology for success. This will enhance our safety, production, and quality control performance immensely.

Until next time!