General News




Thank you to everyone across all our regions for attending the all-company All Hands meeting yesterday!

For those who were not able to attend/watch the Teams event – a link to a virtual recording of the meeting is included here:  Playback Link

*Note: There were video and volume issues at the beginning of the meeting – keep watching as these issues rectify quickly in the recording.

CO/WY Employee Party Raffle Winners:

Below are the CO/WY Employee Party raffle winners that were announced at the meeting, yesterday – please arrange pickup of your prizes with Lisa Hasler, Weifield Receptionist (

Raffle 1:  $160 Microbrewery Tour – Dakota Loseke
Raffle 2:  $250 Spa Day – Tyshane Young
Raffle 3:  $200 Capital Grille Gift Card – Dustin Fladung
Raffle 4:  $418 Skydiving for 2 – Dirk Reinsma
Raffle 5:  $550 E-Scooter – Casandra Sanchez
Raffle 6:  $100 VISA Gift Card – Frank Archuleta
Raffle 7:  $150 AMC Gift Card – Shannon Kascsak
Raffle 8:  $340 Dyson Vacuum – Josh Duhrkopf
Raffle 9:  $120 6-Qt. Instapot – Alicia Heidorn
Raffle 10:  $200 Under-Desk Treadmill – Nena Walker
Raffle 11:  6 Months of Flowers ($600) – Quincy Davis

All Hands Meeting Raffle Winners:

We also have several gift card prizes for attendees of our All Hands meeting.  Please arrange pickup of your prizes with Lisa Hasler, Weifield Receptionist (

$50 Amazon Gift Card – Tim Cordova
$50 Lowe’s Gift Card – Randi Kimmi
$50 Amazon Gift Card – Jon Kinsolving, Jr.
$75 Clothing Gift Code – Chad Luedtke
$75 Clothing Gift Code – Richard Lyons
$50 Amazon Gift Card – Connie McKinstry
$50 Lowe’s Gift Card – Alex Perez, Jr.
$50 Cabela’s/DeWalt Gift Card – Marty Ramirez
$50 Cabela’s/DeWalt Gift Card – Noe Rodriguez (TX)
$50 Amazon Gift Card – Alfredo Sustaita (TX)
$100 Gift Card (Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Cheddars, Yard House, Bahama Breeze) – Dusty White

Thank you again for your participation in the recent meeting and parties – and an additional note….please watch for an All Hands survey coming out to all employees in all regions, early next week.

Our next All Hands meeting will be in August, 2021….watch for more details this summer!