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Assisted Tax Prep Services through Mines and Associates

  •  Tax preparation made easy.
    o We know you want to save time and money by filing your taxes. CLC provides a solution by offering expert preparation services at an affordable price.
    o Create a secure online account and upload tax documents, communicate with your tax professional, answer a few simple questions about your financial situation, and check the status of your tax return.
    o Once your tax return is completed, review the return online with your tax professional who can answer your questions. Once approved, you will electronically sign the return, and then you’re done!
  • Expert tax preparation at an affordable price.
    o With over 30 years’ average experience preparing taxes, we focus on leveraging technology and people to drive member success, allowing us to offer a great tax preparation experience at a very competitive price.
  • Comprehensive, full-service Audit Defense included with each tax return.*
    o The IRS can be intimidating. While we never expect a problem, should the IRS or a state tax agency want to examine your return, our tax preparation provider will handle the entire process for no additional charge and with little to no effort on your part.
    o Audit Defense is provided through our tax preparation provider who has provided Audit Defense in North America as a leader since 1988, with over 10 million customers and handling more than 35,000 audits in 2018.


Important 2019 Deadlines

All documentation required by March 31st in order to guarantee completion by April 15th.


Base Tax Return: $360.00 + 25% discount = cost to member is $270.00.
Tax preparation and filing services for each “Base Return” on the following form:

 Form 1040
 Schedule A
 Schedule B
 State Filing

Services that may incur additional charges:
Additional state returns: $85.00
 Service charge for bookkeeping: $125.00 per hour
After the client’s documents arrive and it appears there is bookkeeping to do, the tax preparation provider will discuss the estimate of how long it will take and the associated hourly fee with the client before proceeding.
 Complex calculations, etc.: $125.00 per hour
After the documents arrive and the tax preparation provider determines that the situation is complex, they will discuss this with the client before proceeding.

Additional forms and schedules charge: this will vary considerably depending on the forms and schedules, how many entries there are on the forms and schedules, and a number of other factors.

Features Benefits

Secure Online Portal
 Peace of Mind: Your information is secured against identity theft and other potential problems.
 Time Savings: Quick and easy to communicate with your tax prep professional, to upload documents and to check the status of your return.

24/7 Availability
 Convenience: Start the tax prep process or reach out to your tax professional or members of our customer support team whenever and however it is most convenient for you – telephone
or web browser.

Free Audit Defense*
 Cost Savings: Up to a $50 value compared to paying retail for Audit Defense.
 Peace of Mind: While we prepare your tax return to the highest standards, should something happen later, you can have confidence knowing that we will manage the process for you at no
additional charge.

All Returns Prepared by Experienced Tax Professionals
 Cost Savings: We identify every deduction that you are legally entitled to claim, maximizing your refund and minimizing your tax burden.
 Peace of Mind: Having an experienced person preparing your return lets you rest easy knowing that it is being done correctly.

Extensive Quality Control Process
 Peace of Mind: Our internal control process ensures that your tax return is prepared correctly, minimizing the likelihood of problems later.


 Cost Savings: We strive to offer the highest-value tax prep service available.

Optimized, Consistent Processes
 Time Savings: You have better things to do than to deal with tax preparation. We have optimized our processes to minimize your effort, saving you valuable time.

Work with a Financial Coach

Through your EAP benefit, you can talk to a Financial Coach. Ask questions about taxes (like how to maximize your take-home
pay or minimize your tax burden) or about any other financial goal!