Greetings Weifield Team!

Bluebeam is now offering and in house tech support for immediate technical obstacles! This is a very useful resource to folks that will be in the field and need immediate assistance with a technical Bluebeam issue. Give it a read and see how useful it can be!

Let us know if you have any questions or want to explore further!




Bluebeam Tech Support is here to advocate for our customers and to ensure they are supported with all the resources they need to quickly overcome any technical challenge. We share our passion for our products and our customers across five key areas of product support, aimed at providing the most expedited assistance to our users.

>  Licensing Support
>  Frontline Support
>  Enterprise Support
>  International Support
>  Research Advocacy & Testing
>  Support Documentation

Bluebeam also offers two levels of product support, with the greatest depth of support given on our newest products.

>  Product Support Tiers Core Support
>  Legacy Support

Bluebeam Tech Support remains dedicated to increasing the quality and efficiency of end-user support by providing faster, higher quality answers with every customer interaction, as well as a commitment to empowering our customers with better self-help resources to keep their projects and productivity on track.

Tech Support Home

Three Recommendations for Revu users to master.
From Eduardo Vargas, Bluebeam Sr. Technical Support Specialist

Tool Chest
To store your customized most-commonly used markups and measurements in a central, easily accessible location, simply right click the markup or measurement and select Add to Tool Chest. We also have additional templates for Stamps, Profiles and Dictionaries under Revu Extensions here.

Show Me How

I don’t think many users understand the potential power of Stamps. We have a few stamps here that are included with the product, but on our support page, we have interactive stamps that you can install with customizable form fields.

See the Tutorial

I would also recommend exploring our support site for training videos and webinars. They can be found here, and then click on Training Videos and from the drop-down list.