‘C’ Connection




There is no doubt that the COVID global pandemic severely impacted Weifield’s training ability in 2020. However, we are back to holding regular trainings for WULF, PE Tech, Continuing Education, Electrical Code, Blue Card, and more — and with the launch of Weifield University, in 2021, we are also at full steam with Pre-Planning, Health Care Facilities, and Financial Literacy trainings.

In an effort to increase our momentum, we recently interviewed our Service, Operations and Preconstruction teams to determine what each department’s needs are with respect to training. Several productive things arose out of those conversations, including our Pre-Planning class for Operations foremen – teaching them how to lay out a new job and utilize robust Bluebeam capabilities for success, sales trainings for our Preconstruction team, as well as a new Supervise/Manage/Leadership training – which is nearly complete. We will also continue with our EOS Great Boss, and CE for License Renewal, NICET, and Journeyman/Master’s Prep classes.

Many know that we have hired Val Sutcliffe onto our team, who is a 30-year veteran in the electrical industry; Val will be helping us to grow our Texas training program in 2021, among many other initiatives. A big focus for our department is to help expand the capabilities of our regions so that everyone is using the same processes and procedures in their work, driving consistency across our company. Weifield is no longer the small shop we once were – we are a large, multi-regional organization and we have to begin operating like one. Consistency is the key to doing that and we have to bring the full knowledge base and weight of Weifield as a whole to every single region we operate in.

Although in-person trainings are always the best way to learn — we are also currently working on our new virtual training delivery method and the development of self-paced video modules.

As we go, we are working to fill the gaps with certain pockets of team members who need to be brought into the training fold. Examples are the EOS training, which many new managers receive but many field personnel, do not – as well as fire alarm training for Texas, which will help us enter into the FA space in that region. For our journeymen and field operators who are looking for training on how to move up the chain of command, we are updating that training module so that it is applicable to the company size we have grown into. These are just some of the examples of trainings that we are customizing to adapt to our business model and growth.

We’re especially excited about our Healthcare Facilities Trainings – since we are entering more into the healthcare space with work, this is customized training for highly technical spaces so we can work more effectively in that vertical. We will soon be launching similar trainings for other verticals, including solar, data centers, and more. Additionally, very soon, we will also be launching a training survey to the field to understand their training interest and needs across all topics and will incorporate that input, accordingly.

The long and short of it is – Weifield is making the investment into our training program. However, it will take all of us to make it successful – that’s why we are asking any Journeyman and above employee at Weifield to consider becoming an instructor for Weifield University. The curriculum is already developed – you will not need to develop it – and our Training department will support you with a ‘Train the Instructor’ crash course on how to run a class to be successful. You just need the willingness to teach – and we will help equip you with the rest. Being an instructor looks great on your resume, will help you become a future leader, and will lead to doors opening up for you in your career, that you would never expect – all you have to do is be willing to try. Please let me know if you have any interest in helping lead Weifield’s training classes.

We are also bolstering our apprenticeship trainings in 2021 in addition to paying for our team members’ apprenticeship trainings through IECRM and CITC – Kim Howard in HR is facilitating this program. Important to note is our apprenticeship mentoring capability – if you are an apprentice and are struggling, contact the Training department with your issue and we have mentors that can help you. We currently have JW’s tutoring our apprentices, and 4th year students tutoring first-years. If you reach out, we will align you with a mentor right away – so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Be sure to visit the Training section of the Weifield Weekly regularly for all training information. The end game for our training program is this – we are building a world-class learning culture rivaled by no other contractor. But it will take all of us as a team to make it happen – and make us the ones to follow. Help us, get help, get trained…and we will succeed! Until next time.