‘C’ Connection




September is over, and for those of you with kids, I hope the school transition has been better than expected!

Our leadership team met on 9/14. We had lots of good People/Client headlines relating to people connecting and clients pushing for us. We are blessed with our People and Trusting Relationships. Also, see the attached (below); we have many opportunities coming up where you can connect and have fun!

As far as the issues, we discussed a government initiative that will impact us today and getting future work. Proposed Initiative #283 is set to be on the ballot on November 3rd. This initiative will impact our current projects and the future of construction in Colorado. We will be sharing information over the next few weeks to make sure you know how this will impact the company and our industry.

Next, some exciting things are happening in the company that will make us even a better Best-In Class electrical solution. Please watch for communication regarding our BIM function in the next few days.

The last major item that came up was rising health care costs. We are looking at solutions and reaching out to the market to see how others handle this nationwide dilemma. We plan to reach out to stakeholders and relationships to determine what others have been doing around this subject. Here is an article explaining what’s happening: https://www.pgpf.org/blog/2020/04/why-are-americans-paying-more-for-healthcare

Thank you all for your time and a huge pat on the back to everyone who helped us become a Cobiz Top Company!!

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer