‘C’ Connection




Over the last few months, George Kettlewell (GeneralManager, CO/WY Construction) and both Pete Farreny and I (Construction Executives) have been focused on educating thefield on the changes we have made and how they align with Weifield’s overall vision and core values. I want to highlight some of these changes in this column, so we capture in print the key information and the conversations that have occurred related to this phase of growth for Weifield.

In early 2019, Weifield made the decision to implement EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), a proven operating system for companies based on simple business tools and processes that align and synchronize all the pieces of your business to produce great results. An operating system is the way a company organizes all of its human energy. It’s the way that the people in the organization meet, solve problems, plan, prioritize, follow processes, communicate, measure, structure, clarify roles, lead, and manage. All businesses have an operating system, the problem Weifield had, like many other companies, multiple operating systems which can produce
inconsistencies that lead to poor communication, dysfunction, weaker results and employees feeling frustrated and confused. (Read the book What the Heck is EOS for more information.)

EOS tools and processes work together to help us better define our goals, make sure we have the right people in the right seats, we are looking at key data, we have standard processes, we are addressing issues, and our meetings are effective. As part of the EOS implementation, we hired Tim Markham as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO); Tim’s role is to ensure we are running EOS effectively, overseeing all operating aspects of the
business and holding our leaders accountable. In April of 2020, we implemented Traction Tools, which is a software tool to help us define our priorities and run our meetings more effectively. Implementing EOS is a two-year
endeavor and we are seeing results already.

‘People’ is one of the main components of EOS. As we looked at the Operations side of the business, the Leadership Team realized we needed to hire someone to oversee Operations full-time so that Pete and I could focus on doing what we love, running work full-time and developing future field leaders. This lead person had to be the right person to meet our values and our culture with extensive industry experience. We interviewed a number of candidates from outside the company, but soon realized we had the right person already. George Kettlewell was, at the time, the head of Preconstruction and we asked him if he could navigate that role as GM to help the Operations team execute. A key piece of this mission is the role we targeted Mike Osborne to take on – to help identify and develop the next group of superintendents, as Mike’s biggest passion is being out in the field with our crews, like the rest of the general superintendents (Nick Bull, Scott Buckey, Clay Smith, Matt Flinn, and Scott Dick). George is now working with the team – us as construction executives, Mike, and the general superintendents
– to help us get back to our fundamental ‘Weifield Way’ method of operations. This transition allows us to even out the playing field so that Operations/ ownership can be in the field more, executing processes and providing value for the biggest asset in our organization – the crews who execute our projects.

For accountability, we have identified and implemented our quarterly ‘Rocks’ to ensure we take action to achieve our annual goals. We have scorecards to track key data, hold weekly meetings called L10s to communicate critical information, review our progress and identify, discuss and solve issues that help us deliver results. We leverage the Traction Tools platform to capture all of this information so we stay on track and to communicate better as an organization – giving everyone a voice to share their thoughts and ideas. These changes can seem steep at times but it helps to have a baseline understanding of the ‘why’ behind the changes and a vision for the

We are building our foundation; I believe in all of us, I believe in the Weifield Way – and most of all, I believe in the future. Let me know if you have any questions on anything as we head toward it, together. Until next time!

James Selecky
Founder & Construction Executive