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UPDATE #13 – 4.6.20

Fellow Weifielders,

I hope everyone had their masks on today and have been following the guidelines.  We have received some pictures, so keep sending them in.  Help us be the leader and keep the jobsites as safe as we can.  On another note about safety, AGC is working with contractors across the nation to do a Coronavirus stand-down on Thursday, April 9, 2020.  Please see the YouTube:

You may have heard tonight that the Colorado governor extended the stay at home until 4/26.  Texas has already extended it until 4/30.  We need to make sure we do what we can to keep construction essential, so we can keep working.

The best news today was we have 0 employees affected by the virus.  This is huge as you guys are doing your part.  The 2nd best news today was we were awarded a project in Colorado that will put many of our furloughed employees back to work.  We are going through the logistic and planning of the project and won’t know the total scope for a little while.  Stay tuned!

Keep up the praying and keep being safe!

God Bless,

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting