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UPDATE #15 – 4.8.20

Essential Workers,

I always try to find the positive out of negatives of the world.  Best part of this tragic experience is how our team is truly coming together for the greater good.  We are in turmoil from not having enough work to having so much that we are needing people working multiple shifts…  Having jobs slip, get delayed, slowing down…  Knowing that all it takes is a stroke of the pen to stop our work… Not having any ideas what our economy will look like on the other side…  But… through it all, seeing our company live out our values puts a smile on my face.

Here are a few of the things our people have been doing showing our values are alive and healthy:

*  People volunteering to work extra shifts
*  Giving up their position for awhile to keep someone else who needs the money more
*  Raising their hand to work on our difficult hospital project because it makes a difference in our community
*  Putting in weekend work after working on their projects
*  Volunteering a portion of their salary to help keep us strong
*  Taking cuts to keep people employed
*  Spouses and friends of Weifield making masks for our employees
*  People coming into work for their crew even though they have family at home who are considered to be at risk
*  Creating new ideas for handwashing stations: Mike B’s Handwashing station link
*  People working day and night to make sure we have all the information and making the right decisions
*  Donating to the Weifield Helping Hands to help out the less fortunate in the company
*  People coming up with cleaning wipes and other sanitary products
*  All of you who created their own masks
*  The support everyone is giving each other
*  The communication we are having as a company
*  The care we are providing for one another

The number of cases and the number of deaths may keep increasing, but we keep getting stronger.  Keep Safe, Work Hard, Be Positive and Howl at the moon!

​Pray and Thank God Everyday!

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting