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UPDATE #03 – 3.20.20

Weifield Teammates,

Changes to Weifield from yesterday:

  • We have a project that was placed on hold today due to the pandemic.  We feel this will start again after things settle down.
  • We have another project that has been shut down due to a possible exposure to the job site.
  • AGC has verbal confirmation that construction will go on in case of a shut down.  This doesn’t mean this is the last stance, but it is good for now.
  • Continue to check the Weifield Weekly.

Not great news, however we are still very thankful how blessed we have been through the entire process.

The governor spoke today and it sound like we will have some relief coming.  Some highlights I heard:

*  There will be some mortgage and rent relief
*  Lots of volunteers have signed up to help
*  Testing is going to be improved
*  State taxes will be differed
*  He is urging banks to add a 90 day grace period
*  And finally, it sounds like he is not thinking an entire shut down

He referenced some websites that I want to make available to everyone:

A quick reference guide
*  To volunteer to help
Employment options if you get impacted
Unemployment website
Health Insurance at a lower cost, if needed
Colorado has a relief fund

Here are some other websites you might find interesting:

Diamandis Tech Blog
Colorado COVID-19
CDC – Coronavirus
The Mercury News – Coronavirus Shutdown in California
The Gazette – Coronavirus Cases in Colorado
CDC – Cases in U.S.

Thank you all for the hard work you are putting in!!  We will get through this and be stronger for it.  Have a great weekend and keep up the prayers!

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting