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UPDATE #04 – 3.23.20

Weifield has been holding strong with very little change from last week.  Any scares we have had from 3rd parties, have been coming back negative for COVID-19.  Yay!

The big news if you haven’t heard yet was Denver announced today that they will have a “Stay at Home” (see attached below) until 4/10. For those of you who thought this would give you some time off will be sad, since we have made it into the Essential category.  This means everyone will be going to work tomorrow…  AGC, which I am on the board of, is currently working diligently to make sure all measures are in place and accounted for so we can keep going.  This may change in the future, but for now it is business as usual.

Austin is hearing rumbles of one coming as well.  Currently, AGC and others are pushing to make sure construction keeps as an essential business.  See attached below.

Wyoming has an executive order as well.  Mainly prohits 10 people or more in a single room.
Wyoming Executive Order

I am keeping these brief as things develop, so please ask questions if they are on your mind.  I will be having a conference call with all of management on Wednesday.

God Bless!

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting