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UPDATE #25 – 4.22.20

Weifield Team,

First off, I wasn’t as detailed as I needed to be in my last email.  The “Bad News” I shared yesterday regarding another positive case and the impacted job was about one project and not the entire company.  I am sure everyone figured it out, but I am sorry for the confusion. 

We have a total of nine people who have tested positive.  From what we know, most are mild cases, and most are recovering well and very quickly.  We are extremely fortunate.  I am sure many may know or have heard how this virus can be much worse.  You may have family or friends who are not as fortunate, so I also ask we pray not just for our employees, but for others who come face-to-face with this virus.

Some of you may know, there has been a few jobsites that have been impacted and closed, cleaned, and re-opened.  Weifield’s and many of our GC’s standard policy has been to shut down the site, get it cleaned, and start working again after 14 days.  However, we have certain projects, in which the Owner/General Contractor are identifying the project as Critical Infrastructure.  These projects will have different return to work standards. Contractually, Weifield, as a trade contractor, has the obligation to support the GC’s and Owner’s determination of whether their project needs to comply with the Critical Infrastructure.  

Projects that are deemed to be Critical Infrastructure have return to work guidelines found here:

The guidance on what is a Critical Infrastructure project is located here: 

As an employer, we want to ensure our employees’ safety. If you have concerns, please raise them to your field supervisors or managers.  We may not have all the answers right away, so please be patient as we navigate these uncharted waters and determine the right path forward.  We will update the FAQ sheet as we identify new events like the last infected Critical Infrastructure project.

On another note, I have confirmation that we received our mask order, and they will be distributed to the field soon.  Make sure to wear them, since this is mandatory.

God Bless,

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting