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UPDATE #26 – 4.23.20

Good Evening Team,

The link I sent out yesterday regarding critical infrastructure did not work.  Thank you to the people pointing it out!  Here is the corrected link:

I wasn’t able to update you last night, but we had a layoff impacting 20 employees working on the Temporary Hospital at the Colorado Convention Center. I apologize for not informing you yesterday; we were not as coordinated as we should have been and I ensure you it won’t be like that in the future.

The environment we are in is very fluid and changing daily due to the pandemic.  Our leadership team is evaluating our projected manpower for projects in Colorado and Texas regularly.  In Colorado, we anticipate additional projects being impacted and additional staff reductions will be required, and we do not have a great idea of when workload will pick back up.  Based on the manpower chart I was reviewing, the reduced workload could be short.  The current forecast is showing manning back up end of May / beginning of June.  Projects have been shifting schedules, some later and some earlier.

In Texas, the manpower seems to be in a good place currently.  We need to secure additional work to retain our current manpower figures, and we believe there are numerous opportunities to secure.

Finally, tonight we were made aware of lock down orders extending into May, both Tri-County (Arapahoe, Douglas and Adams) and Denver County are extending the stay-at-home to May 8th.  This will likely extend the opening of our offices to later in May.  Please check out the latest news on our Weifield Weekly for this and other important news.

I am signing out tired :-),

Good Night Weifield, and keep those prayers praying.

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting