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UPDATE #05 – 3.24.20

Good Evening to our Power House Team,

First off, I want to say sorry about the confusion regarding the daily emails.  It seems like I am having difficulty sending emails out to the masses, as emails are getting kicked back and not going through.  Please note that I am sending these daily, so if you didn’t receive one, something may have gone wrong.  Please talk to your supervisor about it and hopefully they have received it.  It is not you, it is me J

Now for the daily updates:

We continue not to have any COVID cases that affect us directly.  This has got to be all the prayers you are saying…  I would love to think we are off the hook, but I feel we have a long way to go.  We have some of the sick people (Non-COVID sickness) who have been clear to go back to work.  Yay!  We have Monarch back in operation today, since the threat came back negative.

Austin received it’s “Stay Home – Work Safe” order today that will go in effect today at 11:59PM. Electricians are considered essential, so we will be able keep doing business as usual.  Construction is anticipated to keep on going, but they do need to get some clarification to the order.  If the General Contractor(s), end up shutting down the projects, we will have to follow for the project lead.   Currently, we haven’t heard GC’s stating there will be any shut downs.  YAY!!

In Texas, we have had one of our recent wins push out 1-2 months before starting.  We are not seeing this as a problem, but we are watching it closely.

Preconstruction wise we are seeing some projects be put on hold/suspended until further notice.  We are watching these closely to see how they might impact us in the future.  We are putting together our worst case scenario plan.  With all the good things happening, we don’t believe we will have to use the plan.

The government is working on a stimulus package to help small businesses out and Trump is focusing on getting everyone back to work by Easter.  Not sure either will happen, but I wanted to share the information.

For our future to keep working, it is imperative that you follow guidelines on the job site, at the office, at your home, on your free time, etc. to help slow down the virus. Keep our work place safe.

*  Wash your hands
*  Wash your face
*  Keep a minimum 6 feet distance from others
*  Sneeze into your arm (not your hand)
*  If you feel sick do not come to work – notify your supervisor via phone
*  If you notice someone that looks sick notify your supervisor
*  Only go into public when needed.   Example: grocery store once a week by yourself (not friends or family)
*  Clean surfaces, tools constantly and other frequently touched items
*  Don’t put your hands in your mouth
*  If you use tobacco think about are your hands clean before you smoke a cigarette or put a chew in
*  Follow the direction of our leaders in the government.

(Yes, wash your hands was on the list twice… and yes, you should wash them way more than twice)

Enjoy and God Bless!

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting