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UPDATE #06 – 3.25.20

As you may or may not be aware the Colorado Governor issued a state wide “Stay at Home” Order.  AGC of Colorado has made it clear that our construction activities is considered critical and to keep proceeding with work.  Based on our discussions with most General Contractor they are keeping the jobsites open.  If a General Contractor closes a site we will have to follow suit.  Please see the document link section, below, for an Authorization to Work Letter in case you get pulled over.  This is for work activities only.


Good Afternoon Family and Friends at Weifield,

I have been transitioning into my new remote world…  I think we worked out the bugs on the emails and I was able to send the emails out last night with no kickbacks.  Yay!  Our team has been doing an awesome job adapting to the uncertainty of these days, so be proud that you picked construction as your career.  Thank you to the 50 supervisors/managers who made the call tonight to ask questions and support your crews.  I am so proud of the team and how we are banding together.  The questions from the call will be posted in the next day or two.

Here are your daily updates:

“Stay at Home” orders and the impacts:

  • There were a few more “Stay at Home” county orders that came out today for Colorado.  The new ones for Jefferson, Adam, Arapahoe, and Douglas county all seem to match with Denver allowing construction operations to keep going.  Business will go on as usual, which allows for us to work on the jobsites with the restrictions in put in place by the governor.  Our support staff will still need to work remote as we need to keep our office staff down to match the states orders.  Sorry for the people like me who wants to go to the office everyday.
  • Austin Texas’s “Stay at Home” did impact a project that was considered non-essential, but we were able to shift the entire crew over to other projects.

Weifield Changes:

  • There are no positive COVID cases in Weifield – You guys are doing great keeping healthy.  Keep it up, to keep us working.
  • Colorado had another project go into delay.  The World Trade Center was put on hold for design, however it did not impact the manpower plan.

There are a couple jobsites that we hear are having concerns with GC’s not following the social distancing rules or sites running out of hand sanitizer.  This is never a good thing as it diminishes our morale.  Our leadership team will be discussing next steps to keep our people safe.  Please, keep your head up as we work these issues out.  Don’t let those bad apples spoil the bunch.  In the meantime, if others are having issues like unsanitary conditions, running out of hand sanitizer, running out of TP, etc. make sure the Supervisors know and Supervisors make sure the CM’s know.  This way it can get elevated to the right levels.  In the meantime, Weifield is looking into additional options to keep our teams safe.  As always we want to hear ideas from you as well!

I have to say, I feel we have put ourselves in a great position, under the circumstances.  Even though we have been seeing projects delay, go on hold, etc. it seems like we still have plenty of work to keep people working.  You guys make all the difference in how we come out of this pandemic.  Thank you!!

Feel free to reach out and God Bless!

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting