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UPDATE #07 – 3.26.20

Weifield Teammates:

I pray you are all being safe and keeping positive spirits amongst all the changes.  These can be stressful times and can create lots of anxiety.  Value #1 is People and an important note in the description of this value is physically well-being.  This doesn’t just say at work, it also means at home.  Being safe shouldn’t stop at the gate, but carry through home as well.  Construction got the approvals to stay open because we value life and safety of our people and of others. To do this we must watch out for one another whether an employee of Weifield or another trade.

Many might not see the virus as important to themselves or life threatening.  They hear about it not effecting a certain age range, or they might not have a pre-existing condition, but many of us have loved ones, parents, grandparents that are at risk.  So make sure to think about your neighbors!  We all must follow the rules.

I heard, the last couple days, that we are having issues with our clients keeping the job safe and sound.  Things like missing TP or hand sanitizer.  Our operation leaders are discussing this to get to quick resolve with our clients.  For those who know me, know I like to joke around to soften the serious, but in this case, it is not a laughing matter.  We are willing to pull off a job, if our clients do not provide a safe working environment.  

The vast majority of the workforce that I heard from wants to keep working.  Bills don’t just stop if we stop working…  ***Dad Joke Coming*** Plus, we need to be able to buy TP at the store, if it ever becomes available again.  Let’s all make sure to keep each other safe and keep the projects operational.  Look out for one another and make sure we follow the rules.  I do not want a single person in our company contracting this virus and worst yet go through a possible death of a loved one.  I don’t wish this on our worst enemy…

A change from yesterday, we have a job site that is slowing down due to financial impacts.  We are still working with the GC to see how this will change things. We hope to get resolve in the next day or two. 

No work has been canceled and we have plenty of work to bid.  Be proud of the company you helped create, build, and continue to develop.  My buddy, and our peer group member, in San Francisco is still out of work.  He had to lay off 100% of his work force. Whenever you feel like it is the worst case, remember it can always get worse.  Follow the rules, be safe (all the time), look out for your neighbor, keep a positive attitude, praise God, and work hard.

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting