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UPDATE #08 – 3.30.20

Welcome Back Everyone to the Daily Updates,

Here’s the quick glance of what’s happening in our world:

Good News:

  • No WGC projects have yet been cancelled. However, we have seen some smaller pieces of previously awarded scope removed from the back-end of existing projects.
  • BD continues to book strong business for the rest of 2020 and into 2021.  We see some projects drop off the list and others get added on.
  • AGC came out with some jobsite Protocols (See Attached Link Below) recommended for all GC’s and Trades to follow.  Please review and let your supervisor know if you see these things not happening on your jobsite(s).
  • We are in the process of receiving a contract for a Texas Project (3232 @ $4.1m).  Congrats Austin!
  • We have attached the FAQ (updated 3.30.20) from our last phone call (See Attached Link Below).  Outside of the FAQ, the biggest questions we get is “will we be able to continue to work?”.  This is up to the industry and all of us right now.  We must follow the rules, be safe, keep a low profile (i.e. stay off social media), and be productive.  The next question I receive a lot of inquiries about, is “how do we keep our employees safe?”.  This again, is up to all of us.  Things like telling your supervisor when things aren’t safe, following the WGC, CDC, AGC and GC guidelines, add extra protection if you are at risk individual, stay home if you feel sick, etc.  We want to keep working, but only if you are safe.

Bad News:

The stay-at-home order and associated fear of Coronavirus is creating a lot of near-term uncertainty on our projects and in our business. Although, our projects are continuing, some schedules have pushed and we sense that GCs and local governments are watching the financial AND people impacts closely, looking for ways and reasons to slow or pause projects. We need to work hard to follow Weifield’s and the GC’s guidelines at all times.  The press conference with Colorado Governor Polis today eluded to the order getting lengthened and schools not starting up the remainder of the spring semester.  This is not official and we are waiting to hear for sure.  We have a long road ahead and we need everyone to keep there heads-in-the-game.

Things to look forward to:

  • Wednesday phone call with Management
    Each week I do a phone call with the Weifield Supervisors to go over questions and concerns with the field.  I encourage you to bring up any job specific ideas to your Supervisor, so they can share any concerns on the Wednesday phone call. Company policy is to follow the P.A.C.T.   We have a lot of great people working day and night, 7 days a week, on all the issues caused by COVID-19 and how Weifield can successfully navigate each one.  Every jobsite may need to do something different as they don’t all have the same problems.  The field supervisor has the authority/responsibility to make sure you are safe and protected.  They have our support to follow the P.A.C.T.  And our Construction Managers will provide support as needed.
  • Press Inquiries: Please Refer to our Communications Team
    Being essential comes with responsibilities.  In the unlikely event that a member of the press should contact you regarding a response to Weifield’s business operations or remote work plan during the COVID-19 pandemic, please let them know that Weifield DOES have a comment and to direct any and all press inquiries to Karla Nugent (knugent@weifieldgroup.com) and Jill Farrand (jfarrand@weifieldgroup.com) in the Communications division.  Karla and Jill have prepared information to share with the press if needed and we need to ensure our messaging is consistent and clear, especially when directed externally. Thank you for your cooperation!

I am continually impressed by the innovation and the resilience of our teams.  Yes, we have problems here and there, but we continue to stay collected and focused.  Our company will see changes in the near and long term and we need you all to be in alignment and know that the leaders of this company will do what is needed to get us through this time.

Thank you so much for your time and keep up the prayers!  Zero employee cases of COVID-19 to date!  You make the difference!

God Bless,

Seth Anderson
Chief Executive Officer | Weifield Group Contracting