Hello, all

As you may have heard by now, there have been some changes within the Nex3D division that I would like to tell you about in more detail within this communication. We realize there have been a lot of organizational changes recently, and this is one more ….but be assured that these changes were made as a result of direct feedback from our field leaders and will result in an enhanced ability to serve the field.

The Highlights [see the ‘VDC Communication’ document link, below, for more detail]:

  • First, Nex3D is still a subsidiary of Weifield and will remain this way – we will keep the ‘Nex3D’ name for external purposes as we have achieved brand recognition with this name and we will continue to perform work for external clients as Nex3D, as opportunities arise. However, internally, employees for Nex3D are now Weifield employees (not the other way around) – and their main focus will be on Weifield projects. We are one team, serving one team, which is the reason for the change.
  • For internal purposes, the historical Nex3D/BIM team and capability will now be called Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to match evolving industry terminology for this function.  They will be referred to as the VDC Team.
  • Moving forward, our intention for the VDC Team is to be a best-in-class, value-added partner. We are here as an asset to increase efficiencies and information across all projects and allow our installations to beat the schedule, add consistency between projects, and cut down on rework between trades.
  • There have been some staffing changes made to the team – Sara Christman, former Nex3D Controller, is now moving on to a Business Development role within Preconstruction and Scott Vrba has come onboard as VDC Manager, bringing 14 years of experience in the industry. We are thankful to Sara for her years of leadership at Nex3D and are excited to welcome Scott to the team! There are also other new individuals we are bringing on to the team – see the PDF attachment for more detail on our team members.
  • My expectations moving forward are to continually improve this team through open communication between VDC and the field – to produce the best product possible!

Please review the document links below for more detail on these changes; we are looking forward to evolving VDC and assisting Weifield in reaching our 2030 goals and fulfilling our mission of providing best-in-class electrical solutions!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel to reach out to myself or the team – thank you for your time.

Rob Mercier
Prefabrication Manager