‘C’ Connection




As 2021 closes and we sit here under a new landscape with the pandemic still upon us, it’s important to remember all the positives we’ve experienced this year, despite the many challenges. We had many wins in our organization — such as our biggest job to date, Amazon Project Rodeo with RC Andersen, which we were able to execute well as a team. In doing so, we were able to land another project in 2nd quarter – Amazon DEN8. We also had the opportunity to complete a hallmark project in Denver, the Colorado Convention Center Covid 19 Field Hospital. Though this facility was never used, Weifield was called back to clean up that job.

I also want to thank everyone at Weifield who gave me the ability, along with my sidekick, Jim Dent, to take eight weeks off from work and do something that was remarkable – ride our bikes from Denver, CO to Mobile, AL (before my bike broke down). Jim met his fiancee on that trip and we had the opportunity to see a snapshot of America’s ‘new normal’ in talking to residents at the local establishments across the country.

It has also been a very challenging year with regard to the supply chain and everyone doing their best to zipper with our clients and help with our projects. The pandemic itself has been very challenging as well; I appreciate everyone at Weifield trying to not bring their own personal beliefs in and instead, watching out for the betterment of the organization through Covid and providing the best messaging we have, on a daily basis.

We are also appreciative of the efforts from the Support Services team to help purchase a company in our third region – which we had to put off for one year due to Covid; we warmly welcome our new team members. I’d also like to thank Support Services for their support with all the new technology integration – all the stress that they’ve experienced has not gone unnoticed.

I want to say thank you for all the hard work amid the struggles with labor in Texas – from Operations to the field staff – we thank them for all the hard work in going above and beyond, ensuring our clients are satisfied and we communicate our supply chain issues effectively. Texas also had a very tough storm that crippled the state and you worked together as a team on executing the delays on the jobs and working with our trade partners and
getting the projects back up and running again on a short delay. As they say, everything’s bigger in TX…hats, belt buckles…and when you get a storm, you get one doozy of a storm.

I’d like to thank all the new people that took the chance on us this year – moving from an existing company and coming over to work with Weifield Group. We are a team, it’s not one individual – and it takes a group of individuals working together toward a common goal.

As the year closes, we are very fortunate to have a lot of work coming in 2022 and we’re looking to add more personnel to the family – so if you know of anyone, don’t hesitate to recommend them and point them to our HR team. We’re always looking for great people so we would welcome your recommendations.

At the end of the day, we as individuals need to consider – although we live in a landscape with a lot of negatives, we need to look in the mirror and cherish the positives. We should give ourselves a pat on the back because it has been a tough year; however, there is a lot of good.

Lastly, I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that they want it to go back to Weifield’s ‘old ways’ – and I want to say, the old ways are in the rearview mirror…this is our new norm, now. We have to be better, smarter, and more creative in what we do best – which is achieving 100% client satisfaction. We are a team and we’re in it, together.

So here’s to us all, and the Odd Couple, as the year ends…look forward to a great 2022!