Human Resources

Coach and Counsel Your Staff


One important step to becoming an effective supervisor is mastering your coaching and counseling skills. Coaching skills help direct workers to be better employees. By being a coach to your staff, you can help them with behavioral or performance problems that are a result of a lack of knowledge about job duties. As a counselor, you can help employees work through issues that stem from personal problems. When you use your abilities as both a coach and a counselor, everyone wins: Employees have someone they can trust and go to for advice, and you’ll have employees who are better able to perform and work alongside coworkers.

Coaching and counseling your staff can lead to higher job satisfaction and productivity in the workplace. Here are some of the benefits of coaching and counseling your team:

Coaching can help employees:
• Have higher overall skill levels
• Take on delegated tasks, leadership, and responsibilities
• Plan goals and know how to achieve them
• Lead and inspire the team
• Have pride in their work
• Receive better performance appraisals
• Work as an effective and positive team
• Know which risks to take and which ones to avoid

Counseling can help employees:
• Be more productive
• Stay at a company for longer periods of time
• Talk about problems that may interfere with their career
• Talk about what they like to do and what they do not like to do
• Have higher self-esteem and self-confidence
• Work better with others
• Stay motivated to do their best
• Feel content and satisfied with their workplace
• Feel an important part of the team
• Value their skill sets and know that their abilities are significant to the team’s success M