Company-Wide Change to Time Entry & Payroll [Procore Tool Launch – 9/16/19!]


Hello, All!

On Monday, 9/16/19, the  Procore Time Tracking for project and field personnel, and the Web-Based Time Entry Form for office personnel officially launched!

The document at the link, below, contains an overview and some training for Procore users.  For office and Prefab employees, a link will be sent out to the new Web-Based Time Card form and will be accessible upon the rollout date of Monday 9/16/2019.

What you need to know:

  • Both new tools launched on Monday, 9/16/19; you should have received an email prior to launch day notifying you of when you will need to begin entering your time into Procore AND/OR the new web-based timecard.
  • No more Excel spreadsheets for time-entry – The following types of time entry will be deployed:   1) Procore Time-Based Entry; 2) Web-Based Time Entry; 3) A combination of both.

All Weifield Employees fall into one of the below categories.  Please become familiar with where you will be entering time beginning 9/16!


  • A link to the new web-based timecard form will be sent out and available on 9/16.
  • Once Procore and the new web-based timecard entry form have been rolled out, from that point forward, no Excel spreadsheet timecards will be sent out from Payroll
  • The new web-based timecard is the same as the current Excel spreadsheet currently submitted

If you are not unsure whether you need access to Procore please see the above grid or ask your manager. Timesheets created prior to rollout (9/16) be deleted. Crews, Daily Log Reports and Pictures will not be deleted.

The document at the link, below, has more detail on our Procore implementation and how it affects you — if you have any questions about the Procore launch or general capabilities of the tool, please contact the IT department at support@weifieldgroup.com. If you have any questions about tool usage and user instructions, please contact Jacki Morris in the Training department, at jmorris@weifieldgroup.com.