Congratulations to our Large Construction division’s Confidential Client Robotics Sorting Facility project team for being named Weifield’s August, 2021 Crew of the Month!

This project, started in January 2021 with RC Anderson (GC), is a fast-paced, large scale project that Weifield’s team will complete in just seven months. It is comprised of a new construction, 1.3M sq. ft. robotics sorting facility, site parking lot and city roadway lighting, three main electrical services, and an emergency system.

Led by Chad Edens (Field Supervisor), Mike Barron (Project Manager), and Ben Zimmerman (Estimator), team members include:  Michael Allen, Curt Andersen, Jesus Ayala-Quiros, Peter Barragree, Skylor Barry, John Bertero, Jeff Bousfield, Hunter Bowes, Jonathan Brannon, Tyler Burrus, Kai Chin, Jonathan Chouaf, Tim Cordova, David Corriston, Nick Crosby, Zach Crowder, Ian Cullen, Joel Day, Cory Edens, Jason Ehler, Devin Emerson, Alfonso Esquibel, Erick Estudillo, Oscar Figueroa, Branon Foster, Joshua Girodo, Christopher Goebel, Diego Gomez, Aldo Gonzales, Mark Grady, Ken Hamner, Ben Hardendorf, Mark Haselhorst, Michael Hassert, Andrew Hermanson, Rudy Hernandez, Ramsey Hubbard, Andrew Humphrey, Clinton Hutchinson, Richard Johnson, Brian Karl, Burk Keller, Brian Kelsey, Alecia Kranz, Daniel Krohn, Darren Lange, Chad Luedtke, Brent Macklin, Corey Macklin, Mathew Marquez, Jose Martinez, Marcus Martinez, Alisha McClellan, Tony McColl, David McDaniel, Heath McGuire, Kyle McPeake, Nico Medrano, Mariah Mekeel, Zachary Montero, Justin Myers, Dylan Nunn, Josh Nunn, Jaime Pedraza, Michael Perez, David Petty, Dirk Reinsma, Nick Riley, Israel Rodriguez, Raul Rodriguez, Zachary Roley, Matthew Ruhl, Justin Ruiz, Tyler Sack, Kevin Salazar, Mike Saldana, Armando Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, Ricardo Sanchez, Christopher Shurtleff, Joseph Slensker, Chris Spurling, Mateo Steele, William Stewart, Craig Strayer, Austin Thompson, Dale Tinnes, Jampier Torres, Jaime Velasco,  Zach Weir, Logan White, Charles William, Manuel Zambrano and Clark Zimmerman.

Weifield Field Supervisor, Chad Edens, had this to say about his crew:  “We have a great team at this project.  This job is for a tough customer with constant change – but the crew just keeps pushing and continues to maintain good attitudes.

Per Weifield Project Manager, Mike Barron: “The Weifield team has done a tremendous job keeping up with the fast-paced work environment of this large project with an extremely tight project schedule.  The job has had numerous challenges to overcome with the general state of extended equipment lead times, and the crews are rising to meet the customer’s request requirements.  My hats off to each of the crews working hard on a daily basis – thanks for all you do!

Kudos to our outstanding crew for this recognition!