‘C’ Connection




2020 was a year that brought more than its fair share of challenges – but also numerous opportunities for creative connection. It was a time when, even though we had to be more physically distant from each other than ever before, we also used technology and innovative thinking to ensure we kept our connections, both personal and professional, strong. We had to be more intentional with our efforts to communicate and uphold the ‘T’ in our PACT – Trusting Relationships.

And now, when thinking about the ‘C’ in our PACT (Community) and the year to come, we should work to ensure we use that same level of intentionality and deliberate effort when dealing with our internal and external
community. We know that due to the global pandemic, external community needs are greater than ever before – and so our level of giving and sharing with charitable organizations needs to increase, accordingly. This is why we reduced our client gift budget in 2020 and increased our charitable giving at the end of the year through our ’20 Charities in 2020’ holiday giving campaign.

Our community also includes our internal community at Weifield – how to keep that vital and strong, despite continued challenges. We’re working on some things for 2021 to achieve that goal – things like relaunching and rebranding our ‘Virtual Hallway’ program in January, to keep employees from different locations and roles connected through monthly video call pairings. We also are working to move our employee and client parties outdoors, in 2021, as we don’t know how long the Covid-19 situation will affect our ability to meet in-person.

The company is doing all it can to help facilitate connection, but as we know, connection really is inspired and executed by people, themselves. This is where you come in. Research has shown that we’re likely to perform better when we feel a sense of belonging; teamwork relies on working together as part of a cohesive community with shared goals. And so — since ‘community’ starts where you are—in 2021, I’m asking you to think about how you can
foster community, right where you are.

It can be smaller things – like, how can you stay engaged with your own team members (to start), and offer a hand to them when times are stressful or rushed? Can you go beyond your regular job duties and attempt to assist someone on your team who really could use the help? And then, expanding beyond that – can you get to know a few more people a little better, outside your crew or team.

Can you participate in our Virtual Hallway program to try to get to know more team members at Weifield, can you go to more company events to try and make those connections…can you brainstorm with folks on other teams to make a process or project task, better? Can you not only execute tasks with those outside your team – but work to get to know them, personally.

Switching back to the external community for a second – what can you do, as an individual, to be intentional with helping those in need? Again, the company is going to provide more opportunities to serve as a team, in 2021, so can you be intentional with signing up for these activities, to give back. Then, on a personal level – can you consider…is there more I can do? At times, the needs in the community seem so great, it can seem daunting to try and impact that, as one person. You might think, ‘but I’m only one drop in the bucket…’…and that is understandable. However, as Desmond Tutu says in the quote at the top of this column – all of those drops, together, fill the bucket. And without those individual drops, the bucket will surely never get filled. Your ‘one drop’ counts! As a company, all of our collective efforts compound on themselves to make a true difference.

To sum up — there are so many ways we can improve things right where we are, if we only make a conscious effort to do so. What will you do, right where you are? I can’t wait to find out…Happy New Year!