‘C’ Connection




Trust is a very tricky word; it can be a verb or a noun, and the Merriam-Webster website states it is: ‘Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something, or one in which confidence is placed.’ One of the most challenging parts of trust is applying it to your life and relationships.

I was talking with my wife on a flight, really trying to define what this means for a company. We ended up with this definition: ‘Believing and confidently knowing that a positive outcome will prevail in a given situation/circumstance without having to follow up or intervene.’

You can trust someone with a secret, however, you may not trust them with your baby. So, this means there are different versions and levels of trust as explained in my first paragraph. To truly define trust in an organization, you really need to define the role each person has in your life. Then, I truly believe you can create the trust needed to build trusting relationships. Trust comes with training, commitment, consistency and spending time with one another. To gain a trusting relationship, you need to give your trust before it is gained.

Trust has been a substantial item in my life in the last few months, from the news’ misrepresentation to people, to keeping secrets in our company. However, you never know how much trust means until you lose someone you trust.

Sage Johnson, my Executive Assistant, left the company back in April. After her departure, I soon realized how much responsibility and trust I gave her. She knew passwords, my personal schedule, my work schedule, and so much more. Many of these items I never had to follow up with her on, so I am sure you can imagine what kind of pit this left in my gut after she left.

I soon became overwhelmed by the work and needed to find a replacement… and quickly. I rushed the hiring process and hastily found a replacement to get me back up and running. Or… so I thought. I found a person who would earn my trust in the interview. However, after she started, I shared everything that was going on, in an effort to set clear expectations. Next, I found myself almost missing events, times,
and in a state of mass confusion. For those who know me well, I want to make every commitment.

Knowing this was affecting my other relationships, I started to follow up on everything. This was a clear and defining moment when I knew I lost trust. After being defeated, I soon was back to myself again… I knew I failed to define the role and to tie the role into what she was good at. A key piece in building trust.

Well, the happy ending to this story is Sage Johnson came back. She missed the trusting relationship as much as I missed it. We both realize how much trust means when it comes to working with one another. We can be clear and candid, and I have confidence she has my back. We may not communicate the same all the time, but we work through miscommunications knowing there are good intentions on both sides.

Now apply this to your life and the people surrounding you. Do you find there are people you trust and others you don’t? What part do you play in the lack of trust? Are there things you are doing to create distrust?

Every time I find that trust has been broken it was either the situation or circumstance that was too much for someone or there needed to be continuous follow up.
In this world of distrust, let’s all make the next generation better by teaching people how to trust again.

Trust me until next time!!