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Hello, all!

The following are details per the February, 2021 CO/WY/TX Weifield All Hands meeting – thanks to all who joined us!

And thanks for your patience during our very first live event as we navigated some technical hiccups – the issue with the video prevented us from playing it but as promised, below is the link to the Undercover Boss video so you can watch (featuring a potential new Prefab apprentice, ‘Karl’)!

Weifield All Hands Meeting Video Playback Link:

Undercover Boss Video Playback Link:

December, 2020 – February, 2021 Company/Employee Kudos: Also attached is the full list of client/partner kudos – commending our team members for the amazing work performed over the last few months. Congratulations!

RAFFLE WINNERS: Also as promised – the following are the All Hands raffle winners selected from the pool of attendees at yesterday’s meeting. All raffle winners will be receiving a Weifield tumbler and some Weifield apparel which will be sent out to you, shortly:

Adam Nunn
Jeremy Daniel
Thomas Shanks (TX)

Next All Hands Meeting: Weifield has moved to a quarterly All Hands cadence and our next quarterly All Hands meeting will be on May 20, 2021 (details on that meeting coming in March).

On behalf of Weifield management, thank you for all you do!