George Kettlewell, General Manager Colorado/Wyoming Construction Operations

George Kettlewell is Weifield’s General Manager overseeing the construction operations for Colorado and Wyoming. George took on this position in early April, but there continues to be questions around the ‘who’ and the ‘why’ of his role, so this document will hopefully address many of those questions.

Who is our General Manager (GM) for CO/WY Construction Operations?

  • George Kettlewell is the new Weifield GM; he took this role in early April 2020.

Who is George Kettlewell?

  • George joined Weifield in April 2019 to oversee the Preconstruction function; he reported to Karla Nugent, Chief Business Development Officer, and worked closely with Operations on new pursuits for Weifield
  • George has 36+ years of experience in the construction industry, the majority of it within the electrical business
  • Prior to joining Weifield he held senior roles at IME, GE Johnson, Encore Electric, and other companies
  • George has extensive experience managing all types of construction projects including commercial, medical, data centers, industrial, etc.
  • His career includes oversight of the field, project management, service, prefab, CAD/VDC (BIM), safety, and manpower/resource allocation functions
  • George worked for his father and brothers in the family electrical business prior to joining the Army; upon returning home, he made the decision to become an electrician and pursue a career in the electrical industry
  • George has been married to Brenda for 31 years; they have three children and five grandchildren.  He enjoys diving (as a ‘MSDT’ — Master Scuba Diver Trainer), hunting, traveling, and building his future mountain cabin

Why did we create the GM role?

  • There were several reasons for creating this new role at Weifield:
    • People
      • When James and Pete founded this company, their focus was 100% on delivering electrical solutions for customers. As the company grew, they had to change their focus to other things tied to running a company; this took them away from focusing on executing work and developing young electricians to advance in the industry.
      • As we began implementing EOS, we evaluated our structure, processes, people and the roles they filled within the organization.  It was clear that both James and Pete were best-suited to focus on executing work and they wanted to get back to focusing on the field — developing the next generation of leaders, overseeing critical projects, participating with Precon on bigger opportunities, and developing relationships with key clients.
        • Both James and Pete adopted the new title of Construction Executive (CE)
        • This move allowed them to transition into roles they were interested in, provide additional opportunities for our employees to advance, and ensure the next generation is receiving coaching and development from two of our founders
    • Advance Process
      • As we continue to grow, we needed someone dedicated to the oversight of our construction operations to provide strategy, allocate resources, and continue to develop our process
      • This GM role keeps it consistent across our two locations — Nate Anderson fills this role for Texas and George fills it for CO/WY.  As we grow and expand into new locations, we will look to have the same role, there.

Why did we put George in the GM role?

  • Initially, we began looking externally for someone to fill the GM role; multiple people were interviewed and no one had the type of experience we needed and more importantly, did not represent our core values
  • As we looked internally, we realized that George had the skills, experience, and had been with Weifield for almost a year. He represented our core values, had knowledge of our processes, had relationships with many of our existing clients, and had developed strong internal relationships with both James and Pete as well as others in the field.

What functions is the GM responsible for?

—  Construction – Which includes all field and project management resources focused on Large Construction, Special Projects, Industrial, and Oil & Gas
—  Service
—  Prefabrication
—  Working closely with our Preconstruction and Support Services functions to ensure all aspects of construction are effective and efficient

Who will the GM report to and what is the timeline for this change?

  • George reports to the COO (Tim Markham)

What positions will report to the GM?

—  Construction Executive (CE) – James Selecky, Pete Farreny
—  Director of Project Management & Support – Russell Tafoya
—  Director of Special Projects & Service – Aubrey Cundall
—  Manager, Prefabrication and VDC – Rob Mercier
—  Manpower Resources Manager – Devyn Gabaldon
—  Operations Coordinator – Open
—  Executive Admin Operations – Lacey Bolek

What are James’ and Pete’s role going forward?

  • James and Pete have the title of Construction Executive (CE) — reporting to the GM
  • Those reporting to the CEs include General Superintendents (formerly Construction Managers) and Project Managers
  • Both James & Pete are still owners and will be involved in decisions required by ownership
  • See next section for more on the roles of the CE

What are the major responsibilities for the GM and the CEs?

Major responsibilities for each role:

Operational Strategy & Leadership
Ops to Pre-con Bridge
Operational Processes/Best Practices
Manpower and Resources Oversight
Reporting and Analytics
Oversight of Pre-fab
Oversight of BIM
Operations Budget Ownership
Coordinate New Hires/Recruiting
Gross Margin Protection
Ensure Training of Field
Right People in the Right Seats
Customer Relations
Fleet Management

Construction Development & Execution
Gross Margin Protection
Overtime Management
Correct Forecasting/CTC’s
Oversight of Project Management
Correct Manpower on Projects
CM Oversite
Get Work Support/from Ops
Executive Support on Projects
Support on Schedule Issues
Turn Overs on Projects
Operations Bid Reviews
Contractual Issues
WGC Processes are Adhered to

What if I reported to Pete or James previously?

  • You still report to either Pete or James today; some shuffling will likely occur, but the CEs will be responsible for overseeing the General Superintendents and PMs

Who took George’s position in Preconstruction?

Craig Arcand is our Executive Director of Preconstruction at Weifield:

  • He has 20 years of experience as an Account Manager for service, field electrician, preconstruction and design-build/assist projects
  • He has 18 years of experience in Preconstruction
  • Prior to joining Weifield he worked at Riviera, West Electric, and Encore Electric, in Precon and the field
  • Craig previously worked with Karla Nugent in a business development role
  • Craig reports directly to Karla Nugent
  • His direct reports include the PCMs, Chief Estimator, Scheduler, and Precon Assistant

Here to Help
George is here to ensure every one of our Operations team members are successful. If you have any questions for George – please feel free to email him at gkettlewell@weifieldgroup.com.