Want to know more of your co-workers, both in the office and the field?

Feeling like you need a little more connection – you work with hundreds of people, but only really know 15 on your job site or in your office?

We’ve got you!  Join the: MARCH 2022 WEIFIELD VIRTUAL HALLWAY


  1. Sign up to Participate:  Email Cathy at to sign up February 25 – March 10, 2022.
  2. Get Paired:  Each participant signing up will be paired up with another employee – office to field, job site to job site, with some management in the mix as well! […Want to find out what Russell Tafoya, Nick Bull, Mike Megara & others do on the weekends?…Who doesn’t!  You may just get that pairing.] 🙂
  3. Schedule Your Call:  You will receive the name of your pair partner via email within the first week of each participating month — reach out to that person to arrange a date/time for your call that works for both of you.
  4. The ONLY Rule:  Shoot for no less than a 15-minute call and the only rule is…you can’t talk about WORK on your call!  […Don’t worry — we’ll send you ice breaker questions each month to help keep the conversation rolling.]
  5. Stay on the List:  Your name stays on the Virtual Hallway participant list until you tell us to take it off; a new Virtual Hallway pairing will be sent to you each month that is scheduled a Virtual Hallway.

TO SIGN UP – Please send the following info to

– Your Full Name
– Your Region (TX, TN, CO/WY)
– Your Work Location (Field or Office)
– Your Email Address

THAT’S IT! Hope to see you in the hallway!…..