Lean 5S is here!


Lean Fabrication is happening in the shop right now. Over the last several months we have embarked on applying lean manufacturing principles in the shop.  The first steps are to identify waste and apply 5S  Sort, Straighten, Standardize, Shine, Sustain.  One of the first areas we felt needed attention was tools. The age old questions do we have that bit? Or that wrench? Where do i find it? etc..  So we started creating shadow boards at each station and tool boxes. This way we can easily find what we need and easily identify what we don’t have or is missing. It takes time to put these together but ask yourself how much time do I spend looking for the right tool?  Less time looking for tools means more time working on projects. Great job to everyone involved!

Lots of improvements to talk about. In the coming weeks we’ll have more on 5S processes, challenges and successes.

Fabrication Team