Material Management Build: Newmont Fire Alarm Drops


Prefabrication spans three general categories: Standard builds (Wall Rough, Conduit bends, Strut racks), Custom builds (anything you can dream of that you need in a particular situation), and Material Management builds.

The Big Question: Do you really need your guys spending time on simple, easy items when they could actually be pushing your critical items forward?

Today we will highlight the Material Management builds. Our goal with this types of assemblies is to keep our foreman from needing to “sweat the small stuff”.

  • How much time on your jobsite is wasted from workers looking for couplings, nuts, screws, connectors, or multi-function clips?
  • How much time is spent finding a good place to paint ceiling wires?
  • How many times have you been told you’re out of couplings, but not that you’re also out of pipe, only to find out the next day that the pipe is also out?
Material Management builds by Prefab aim to minimize and even eliminate this type of waste. Many foremen overlook these builds, considering them to be too simple or too easy to justify utilizing prefab. Recently, the team out at Newmont Mining has done such a build with their Fire Alarm Drops – which consist of:
(1) Multifunction clip (1) Bridle ring (1) Drop Smooth Rod w/ Shot-Fire Bracket (DR4SF24)
Because they’ve done these assemblies with Prefab, the team on the jobsite only has to manage (1) total build rather than all (3) of these parts and pieces. When the assemblies are low, they can just call Prefab up and order more. If you want to take your production and prefab game to the next level, then Material Management builds will help take you there. While these won’t show you a ton of cost savings in the labor it takes for us to build these versus what it takes you in the field, you will see the benefit of:
  • Only having to keep track of (1) item – the total build, rather than the pieces that make up that build.
  • Removing some of the work from your jobsite so that your workers can be more focused on the important tasks, rather than menial ones.
  • A solid Prefabrication team committed to getting you a premium product:
    • First, communicating with you before we assemble the item to ensure we’re building it according to your specifications.
    • Second, if you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, we’ll fix it!
Fully embracing prefabrication on your job can make the difference of not only hitting or beating your deadlines, but also to reduce stress & the need to manage small materials. Contact to get started today, or to get some great ideas of anything to Prefab!