Human Resources

Mines and Associates – Keeping Personal Problems “Off the Job”


Your personal life may be in turmoil because of your strong emotional attachments to unpredictable or difficult people. But, allowing your personal problems to affect your productivity at work will add to your stress. There are steps that you can take at work, at home and with yourself, to help keep personal problems from affecting your work.

Get Involved – Being with other people who have similar problems in a support group provides an opportunity to share experiences and ideas, and keeps you from feeling isolated.

Be and Optimist – Look for the bless in the mess! Optimists know there’s a problem and try to solve it.

Change What you Can – Where can you add more predictability and structure? With whom do you need to set limits? Can you either divide up the household chores or hire someone to help with the cleaning, laundry and cooking? How can you be more pleasant at home, even when others are grumpy?

Do three things for yourself every day –  Make sure you’re eating properly, exercising, getting enough sleep and relaxing some every day.  Each week, do at least one activity you enjoy. At work, use part of your lunch hour to go for a walk or read an inspirational book.

Make friends at work –  Invite a different co-worker to lunch every day. These one-on-one lunches will help you get to know your peers on a more personal level. Choose happy people with a positive attitude, because they’ll give you energy.

Become an Actor – When you arrive at work, pretend you’re on stage. As an actor, no matter what’s going on in your personal life, audience members have paid for their tickets and the show must go on!

Get Support from your Supervisor – Make your supervisor aware of any major problems you’re facing in your personal life. He or she may have more compassion
and offer possible solutions. Ask if your company or health insurance covers outside counseling.

By using these strategies, you’ll be better-equipped to focus at work in spite of personal problems, and you may soon discover your work has become a safe haven from the chaos you experience at home.