PACT Award Intent:
The intent of the PACT Frog is to celebrate those employees across departments who are demonstrating excellence through Weifield’s PACT values.

PACT Rules:
The PACT Frog recipient keeps the frog in their workspace for at least a week – and no more than a month – before passing it onto the next worthy PACT award recipient (notifying Marketing every time the PACT frog moves to a new person). The next person you award the PACT Frog to can be within your department or another department.

PACT Award Recipient [Awarded to Rebekah Tafoya by Previous PACT Frog Recipient, Dora Harrell– Project Cost Admin Manager]:
Our next deserving recipient is Rebekah Tafoya, Accounting Assistant.  Dora Harrell said the following: “I have passed on our little frog friend to Rebekah Tafoya for Trusting Relationships.  Rebekah is always supportive of those around her and has become a tremendous resource for myself and my team.  She truly understands what it means to be a part of a team and I always know that when she is involved on a project or task, she will follow through until it is completed at the highest standard.  She really embodies all the P.A.C.T. core values and I consider myself very blessed to have the privilege to work with her.”

Please remember to *pass on* the PACT Frog to another deserving recipient within the next couple of weeks (please make sure to send in the reason why you nominate the next PACT Frog recipient to, when you do pass it on)!

Congratulations to you Rebekah – we are proud to have you on our Weifield team! Enjoy your (solar) PACT Frog!