We enjoyed time with the industrial and commercial teams from Northern CO and WY.  We had approximately 60+ employees attend, majority from Industrial plus 6 from the Wyoming team.  From the Leadership Team we had Karla Nugent, James Selecky, Lauren Worth, Mike Megara and Tim Markham.  Eli Chavez and Brad Boswell were there from Safety.  We covered QA on training, northern growth, other states for growth, client successes and referrals, estimating, employees support services through MINES for free counseling, housing, childcare, etc.

Windsor Office – What are the plans as the building has sold and he lease ends next July:

>  Explained that we are looking at options right now and will be evaluating them and sharing updates as we have them.
>  People asked about having warehouse space to store materials and have room for vehicles, said we are evaluating this as well.


>  Controls/Ice Cube Relays (Chris Wedow) – Idea to add some controls in the Centennial training room for apprentice/additional training.
>  Arc Flash Safety Training (Chris Wedow) – Would like to see some training for the Industrial/NorColo team.  Curtis said we can use the same location that we held the Northern Connection.
>  Pre-Planning (Quincy Davis) – Told the group how great this training was for him and others, even though he’s been doing this for a long time, he learned a number of valuable things.  Wants the younger foreman to take this next time it is offered.

Project Reviews – Karla said we have received a number of great client reviews, and asked a few of the Supers to give some info

>  Semper HSPS (Wedow)
>  Soldier Canyon (Uhernik)
>  Pellet Softener (Davis)

Opportunities & Speaking Up/Reaching Out – Erik Uhernik shared how he was an Apprentice when he came to Weifield and now a Super.  Many other leaders backed him up on the following:

>  Opportunities – He told everyone that there are so many opportunities and people want to help at Weifield, but you also have to want it.  Take advantage of the training opportunities…do them all.  Tell your supervisor that you want to do it.
>  Speaking Up/Reaching Out – He also stressed raising your hand/voice when you don’t know something.  If you don’t know how to bend pipe, tell your foreman.  Also, we have so many smart people at Weifield with so much experience and knowledge, chances are someone has dealt with your issue or knows something, reach out, leverage your extended team.

Excess Materials

>  Keeping vs. Trashing (Davis) – Quincy wondered if there is a way to keep the expensive excess materials vs. throwing them out.  Maybe somewhere to store and then easily share with others so if they need something they know it exists/how to get it.

Apprentice Starter Kits

>  Additional Tools – Someone stated that the starter kits need a couple additional tools to make them more productive.  The response from the Supers/Foreman and others was that they need to invest some $ themselves for those tools that would be beneficial.  Brad stated they have discussed having a second set at a later time in the Apprentices path.

Give Away Items @ future All-Hands – Karla asked if there are things they would like to see/receive?

>  GFI Tester
>  TIC Tracer

Best quote

>  Scott Dick – “I’m so impressed watching leaders making leaders @ Weifield.”

One last item

>  Dillon Flynn stopped me as I was leaving to introduce himself and tell me that he had some ideas on identifying/tracking skills/knowledge for our field guys.  He’s leveraging what he had when he was in the Navy and promised to share it soon!  I told him I was expecting it!

It was awesome to see our culture in action and the comradery!