OA Certification Interviews


In order to work on a prevailing wage project (also known as Davis Bacon, government funded, or BAT jobs), an apprentice must be OA certified. This means that the apprentice is registered with the department of labor through an accredited apprenticeship school program (like IECRM). Along with passing school, an apprentice must also turn in monthly OJT – on the job training – hours reports.

As we move through 2019, the Operations department will be working to get all eligible apprentices through OA certification. If you are not already in school with IECRM when you are invited to get certified, you will need to take a math assessment, which is required for school enrollment. Along with the math assessment, apprentices will site through a short questionnaire-style interview with two Weifield representatives.

Below are the dates for OA certification interviews. Calendar invites will be sent out to individuals who are selected each month. These selections are based on school enrollment, standing with the company, and jobsite needs.


Wednesday, February 27

Wednesday, March 27

Wednesday, April 24

Wednesday, May 22

Wednesday, June 26

Wednesday, July 24

Wednesday, August 28

Wednesday, September 25

Wednesday, October 23


If you have any questions on OA certification, please reach out to Kate Eaton at keaton@weifieldgroup.com