‘C’ Connection



“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe German Writer & Statesman

We are nearing the completion of our 17th year in business, and Pete, James, Karla and I are so proud of the team for our overall accomplishments, to date.

Here is a quick recap of what we’ve accomplished in 2019, what our near misses were, and where we are going in 2020 and beyond.

2019 ‘MISSES’: 2019 was one of our tougher years in business. We had jobs not perform well, we missed some Denver opportunities we thought we had in the bag, and we saw some job schedules get pushed.

2019 ‘HITS’: Despite these misses, we had a great year in many respects:

1. We achieved the most revenue we’ve ever done;

2. We had a successful year in Austin;

3. We picked up some great people in key places — I’d like to call out Tim Markham (COO), for one, as we would not have been able to make these changes without him and he is instrumental to our 2020 goals;

4. We’re entering 2020 with the healthiest backlog of work, to date;

5. We completed Year 1 of our two-year EOS implementation which has created better clarity and communication in the company and Year 2 will even be better. This is a lifelong journey and we will get better each and every year;

In summary, 2019 was a tough year but lots of good things started happening. Since we are such a large company, it takes time to turn the ship and seeing the team come together is very impressive. SO, where are we going?

2020 GOALS: We have so many good things on the horizon for this new year, and beyond… they include:

1. Training – The development of our new ‘Weifield University’ has been underway for some time and the rollout is happening in 2020. How does this impact the company? • Better consistency from managers and leaders • We are going to train and build great managers and invest more in our people

2. Values and the Weifield Way – We are making sure everyone understands our values and the Weifield Way operational process, and lives both in their roles. How does this impact the company?

• We will make sure people are in the right seats to improve our overall performance

3. Filling Missing Roles – With the growth of our company, many seats became known that were unfilled, so we are going to make sure we fill those seats to help the company achieve our goals.

4. KPI’s and Scorecard – We want everyone to know they are either hitting it out of the park or not. Having Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and score cards will help tell the company and each individual if we are winning the game or losing the game. We only know how to get better if we know what we did right and what we need to improve.

5. Getting Us on One Platform – Any ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan knows we need one ring to rule them all. The company has been pieced together over time with many different systems. IT is going to get us on one platform so we have a one-stop shop for all the information. How does this impact the company?

• With one source of information, we know the numbers are right. There will be no second- guessing and time wasted on verification.

6. Creating Raving Fans – Many of you all have heard our praises from our clients at All Hands meetings. We know that most of our work comes from past relationships and people recommending us for future work. Relationships are going to become key as the economy slows so we are going to hone in our skills and make sure every job creates raving fans!

7. Expansion into a New Location – With the economy still strong, we want to take advantage and get us into a new location to start building it, like we did in Austin. This will give everyone new opportunities to stay with the company if they want to move. Currently, we have identified a potential shortlist of expansion locations: Nashville, Salt Lake, and Phoenix. We have so much to look forward to as a team and I’m so excited to experience it, together! Here’s to an amazing 2020!