PACT Award Intent:
The intent of the PACT Frog is to celebrate those employees across departments who are demonstrating excellence through Weifield’s PACT values.

PACT Rules:
The PACT Frog recipient keeps the frog in their workspace for at least a week – and no more than a month – before passing it onto the next worthy PACT award recipient (notifying Marketing every time the PACT frog moves to a new person). The next person you award the PACT Frog to can be within your department or another department.

PACT Award Recipient [From Karla Nugent, Chief Revenue Officer]:
Our first recipient is Nena Walker, Estimator, who has consistently performed, week after week, through the ebbs and flows of 2020 – handling multiple projects, simultaneously, across departments – Special Projects and Service. She always handles everything well and never bats an eye, even when the workload is high. She always participates and attends everything she is supposed to – and is a true ‘unsung hero’ on the team…never wanting attention or praise for her amazing efforts. For this reason and more, the PACT Frog is awarded to Nena!

Congratulations, Nena – we are proud to have you on our team! Enjoy your (solar) PACT Frog!