Network security is a concern for most organizations, including ours, and there are several ways to improve that, including updating passwords. With there being increasingly more and more phishing attempts every day and them being more clever, its important to not only be aware of what a phishing attempt looks like, but also take precautions to your own security and those that you work with. Password security is one of the ways in which you can stay more secure. Entering your password on unfamiliar pages and sites is always a bad idea and if you ever find yourself in a position where you’re unsure of a link that’s sent to you – please forward to IT and have us take a look. To be safe, you can hit CTRL + ALT + Delete and select “change password” and get a new password. This will help protect your information and those of who you work with.

Here is a very useful article on when and why to continuously change your password, even if its annoying to keep having to change it.

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