Prefabrication: Custom Builds – Baltazar Bracket


As you probably know, Weifield Group Prefabrication department has many standard builds which we construct. What you may not know is that we also do custom builds.

We can take a concept or idea which you give us and work with you to come up with a completely unique, practical product to meet the needs of your project. This is true whether the item is for electrical install, a transformer stand or a bracket made custom just for one job.

This was true recently when Mike Baltazar needed a custom bracket for an instrument mount for a raw water vault to Change Order…

“I described a concept to your welders, I did not give them a layout. I wanted one example to show the city. We wanted to use an option that would save us money and be a better product for the install.”

He described the bracket which Randy Miracle, our Lead Welder, and his team built for him as

“much better, cheaper, higher level of quality. The factory version is a piece of crap, and very expensive.” He continued, “It may be a simple setup, however it is the quality of the welds and the team put a very nice brushed finish on the aluminum.”

Randy loves getting feedback from the field on his welding projects, whether good or bad, as it helps him and his team continually improve and know what’s working and what isn’t.

“We take pride in every build that comes through our department and thrive on putting out the best product possible. That’s what we live out every day here,” said Randy, who has been welding for Weifield for nearly 4 years.

This bracket was instrumental in helping Mike to sell this change order and “save the project a lot of cost”

What can Weifield Prefabrication build for you that can save stress, time, material management, and money on your project this week?

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