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PTO policy update


New PTO Accrual Rate – Now in Effect!

Weifield Employees — Effective Monday, March 2, 2020, Weifield Group implemented a new paid time off (PTO accrual) rate for employees working in all company locations. This was a change that was initiated in the Weifield Council as a means to achieve a few key objectives (among others):

1) Promote a healthy work/life balance for all employees

2) Reward our longer-term employees

3) Attract talent to our growing organization

Please see the charts below for information related to the new accrual rates. If you already accrue at the current rate or higher that is shown in the charts, no change will take place until you reach the next years of service (YOS) tier. A few notes:

  • Our company policy requiring that you must use PTO time for any form of leave prior to being eligible for unpaid time will remain in effect
  • PTO is accrued to a maximum cap of 120 hours — once the maximum allowable accrual is reached, an employee will not accrue anymore PTO until their existing PTO time is used; once PTO has been taken, accrual will reinitiate until the point at which the 120 hour cap is met, again
  • Employees will not be given retroactive credit for any period of time in which they do not accrue PTO because they were at the maximum (120 hours)
  • Although PTO can roll over, employees are encouraged to use their accrued PTO so they don’t hit the maximum cap which may result in the loss of future PTO accruals
  • PTO is not counted for the purpose of calculating an employee’s overtime hours of work or overtime premiums.

Standard PTO Policy
Vacation Time  
YOS Hours Days  
0-1.99 80 10  
2-4.99 96 12
5-6.99 112 14
7-9.99 128 16  
10+ 160 20  
Upper Management:  Project Managers, Field Supervisors, Precon Management, Construction Managers, Department Heads, Executive Management  
Vacation Time  
YOS Hours Days  
0-4.99 120 15  
5-9.99 160 20  
10+ 200 25  
Founder N/A N/A  

This is a change that we feel better supports Weifield’s #1 company value – our People. If you have any questions about this new policy, please contact the HR team at!