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Quality Mindset Challenge – Week #4


Special Projects Office is facilitating a new, exciting, 12-week challenge called the Quality Mindset Challenge!

We will be getting into the details of how to develop a quality mindset in the workplace & working each week on a new focus point around developing a quality mindset.

  • This week poses some challenges around the resistance that happens when creating a new habit & the self-discipline to keep pushing past this resistance in order to shift the habit into our new programming.
  • Week #4 is all about mastering uni-tasking – we are focusing on one thing at a time in order to improve our efficiency. This week builds off of last week, where we organized & prioritized our week — we are going to continue the habits of time blocking & managing our time effectively with an added focus on ONE THING AT A TIME. This also encompasses coming up with distraction/interruption management strategy plans. As we continue our self-discipline journey, we hope to ingrain some of these habits into our automatic processes.

“Decide on your most important task. Begin immediately and work on that task with self-discipline until it is 100% complete. In life, all success comes from completing tasks. It’s not from working at tasks, its from completing tasks. It is only when you complete tasks that you become successful.” – Brian Tracy 

We are so excited to see how we grow in terms of Weifield’s (4) core values throughout the challenge – People, Advance Process, Community, Trusting Relationships. 🙂