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Quality Mindset Challenge – Week #6


Special Projects Office is facilitating a new, exciting, 12-week challenge called the Quality Mindset Challenge!

We will be getting into the details of how to develop a quality mindset in the workplace & working each week on a new focus point around developing a quality mindset.

  • This week we are focused on becoming solution oriented problem solvers.
  • Week #6 is about learning to differentiate between a problem oriented mindset & a solution oriented mindset & then using a personal action plan & an accountability partner to get ourselves back into a solution oriented mindset.

“Someone who thinks in terms of solutions instead of just problems can be a difference maker. A team filled with people who possess that mindset can really get things done.” – John C. Maxwell, 17 Qualities of a Team Player

We are so excited to see how we grow in terms of Weifield’s (4) core values throughout the challenge – People, Advance Process, Community, Trusting Relationships. 🙂