Company Goals




Hello – Attached is the updated Blueprint for Q4 and the summary of how we performed in Q3.  A couple of things to highlight:

  • Blueprint (page 1)
    • Includes our company Q4 Rocks (Note: Rocks are our most important quarterly priorities and help us accomplish our annual goals)
  • Q3 Performance (pages 3-6)
    • Company Goals & Rocks (GnR) – Progress on annual goals and previous quarter company Rocks (Q1 – Q3) (Note: Goal is to accomplish 80% or higher)
      — Annual Goals – We are on target to hit all 7 of our company goals.
      — Q3 Rocks – 7 out of 7 accomplished (100%)
      — Q2 Rocks – 5 out of 8 accomplished (63%)
      — Q1 Rocks – 7 out of 8 accomplished (88%)
    • KPIs – Progress against our key targets in the previous quarters (Q1 & Q2) – how we performed against our sales, revenue, and other key metrics
      — Sales & Revenue – YTD as a company we are at 80% and 91% of target, respectively
      — Margin & Gross Profit – Both of these measures are above target
      — Operational Metrics – Improving and above target in most categories
      — Attrition – Still having too high of attrition, especially voluntary (those leaving on their own) which is greater than our goal of less than 5%
    • Business Performance Highlights
      — Get Work – $29M in wins (up from $23M in Q2), several new people joined the team and several company awards (2020 Colorado Biz Top Company, Fast 50, IECRM top awards, etc.)
      — Perform Work – Higher gross margins and productivity, Devyn Gabaldon filled the new Manpower Resources position, and replaced Sara w/Scott Vrba to oversee VDC (BIM)
      — Support Work – New leadership/management and field pre-planning courses developed and rolled out, role scorecards developed and a new IT support person started
    • Sales wins in Q3 – Over $29M in projects that will provide us with future work
      — Industrial – 16 projects @ $4.3M
      — Large – 2 projects @ $20.8M
      — SP – 2 projects @ $473K
      — Service – Many @ $946K
      — TX – 2 projects @ $2.7M

Please share with your direct reports/teams.  This will also be posted on Weifield Weekly later this week.

Best regards,

Timothy T. Markham
Chief Operating Officer | Weifield Group Contracting